There are 3 classes of charges:
a) Community services: they are imposed to cover the cost of maintenance , administration and general charges for the installations and services common to all the port.
b) To those in transit: These are designed to cover in addition to the
communal services the amortization of that part of the capital investment in in the port as applied to transients users and which are charged to users of moorings while in transit .
c) Service Charges : cover the cost of services required by users.


a) Communal service charges: are charged to all leaseholder to cover the costs of maintenance, repairs resulting from use wear and tear, all or part of the common services such as personal, technical, administrative and the funding of whatever is necessary for the functioning of the port area, the general expenses, the social expenses taxes, standard charges and insurance applying to the same .
b) Visitors charges: Apply to temporary users of the port occupying moorings .
c) Charges for Service : Apply to the provision of specific services requested by the user.
Services provided to users of moorings must be understood to be provided to that vessel. Although those requesting the services should pay for them, the owners of boats will in all cases be responsible for debts and in the final analysis will have to pay any charges which are outstanding .


a) Users of moorings, sites and installations must pay the appropriate charges 6 months in advance. The bill will be presented in the first 15 days of the relative period.
b) Visitor will pay in advance.
c) Similarly charges for services will be paid in advance by those requesting the service.


The cost of charges for all services will be assessed after the calculation of the area involved and if they are not paid services may not be used.
The surface area used in calculating these charges will be computed for each element of the port as laid down in the following :
a) Moorings:
The product of length and beam.
b) Buildings:
Buildings are assessed at 100% of their area and the area of terraces is taken as 50% of their actual area. In the same way porches and cloisters will be assessed as 50% of their area.
c) Workshops, offices in the hard standing, ships chandlers, shops, storerooms and gas stations, will be charged at 100% of area.
d) Leveled area of hard standing will be calculated as 10% of their true area.
e) Underground parking will be calculated to be 25% of its true area.


1. – Request for service.
The master of all vessels, which require a mooring must call at the waiting berth and ask permission to moor and state the duration of their stay.
2. – Definition of a day.
A day will run from midnight to midnight and the presence of a yacht for any part of the time will count as a day.
3. – Seasons. High-Low season.
Charges will be applied as defined by the management.
4.- Cancellation of Service.
Any service or operation may be cancelled or interrupted.
5.- Special Services.
Services for which the charge is not published in the list of charges will be charged as decreed by the management and will be agreed in advance.


1. – Community service charges.
The maximum charge will be 3.255 pesetas per square metre allocated as already described.
2.- Visitors charges.
                Berth                                                    PTS/DAY
      (Length x Beam)                     High Season               Low Season                
                25X7                                  15.166                       7.584
                25X 6,5                              14.084                       7.042
                25X6                                  13.000                       6.500
                20X6,5                               11.266                       5.633
                20X6                                  10.400                       5.200 
                20X5,75                               9.967                       4.984
                20X5,5                                 9.533                       4.767
                20X5                                    8.666                       4.334
                15X5,5                                 7.150                       3.575
                15X5                                    6.500                       3.250
                15X4,5                                 5.850                       2.926
                12X4,5                                 4.680                       2.340
                12X4                                    4.160                       2.080
                10X4                                    3.467                       1.733
                10X3,5                                 3.032                       1.517
                  8X3,5                                 2.427                       1.213
                  8X3                                    2.080                       1.040
                  6X3                                    1.560                          780
                  6X2,5                                 1.300                          650
                  5X2,5                                 1.084                          542
                  5X2                                       867                          433

3. – Charges for Services.
Will be determined by the management as a function of the direct and indirect costs incurred in the provision of these services and the use of installations .
As a result the following charges will apply:
-Lift out and re-launch.
*Boats up to 8 meters will pay 1.400 ptas/m. of length.
*Boats from 8 meters to 12 meters will pay 1.700 ptas/m. of length.
*Boats bigger than 12 meters will pay 2.300 ptas/m. of length.
-Occupation of areas in the varadero
*Storage of boats on land 50 ptas/m2/day.
*Covered storage 200 ptas/m2/day.
*The area of Showrooms 80 ptas/m2/day.
*Parking 80 ptas/hour maximum 600 ptas/day.
The maximum charge for supply of water or electric energy will not exceed 25% of the cost to the concessionaire .


Any one more than 15 days late in payment of bills presented for payment will incur a surcharge of 10% of the bill.


After invoking the process referred to in the previous section the management may in cases where it considers appropriate ask for payment in cash in advance.
They can in additive suspend services or deny access to the port to those who have not complied with the instructions of the management.