The Aguadulce Marina is launching a major update that will open a stage in which the new development aims to turn the nautical precinct into a social and economic center in the area of Roquetas de Mar and the province of Almeria. It will provide the marina with more modern facilities that enhance the nautical, commercial and recreational uses of the resources.

With a more modern and dynamic image, the sports complex has designed a new logo and an updated web page that is more attractive at a visual level, where users can find all the information they need for enquiries and to make their purchases.

In the first phase of infrastructure improvement, the port will get a facelift and for this the renovation of asphalting and painting has been undertaken, as well as changes in the lighting installation. In addition, the port area has two parking areas: one on the surface and another in a covered area with a total of 2,810 square meters of parking for road traffic.

With a total of 170,462 square meters, the Aguadulce Marina has more than 764 berths for boats and among the services offered are the gas station, yacht club, winter storage, crane, workshop, surveillance, collection of oils and garbage, laundry, parking, toilets, showers and drinking water, among others.

The programme of events that will highlight the nautical aspect of marina life, which is one of the main priorities of the new property, will be launched at the Mercado del Mar; a handicraft market that will be open in July and August, from 18:00 to 01:00 hours, when it will also have numerous musical performances during the summer. Also for the summer season, a children’s playground will be installed, which is expected to stay open throughout the year.

Commercial activity is another of the aspects that will be featured at the new Aguadulce Marina, for which it is already negotiating with brands and franchises of recognized national and international prestige with a view to having them settle in the port area, selling products related to the various sectors of activity. The objective is to convert the nautical space into a meeting point and commercial center for Roquetas de Mar and the province of Almería.

The restoration of the historic hotel is another of the innovations planned for this year and the Aguadulce Marina will have a new hotel construction project starting in August. Open 12 months a year, this construction will be a 74-room boutique hotel that will meet the needs for accommodation and tourism within the area. In addition, the hotel will have a latest generation Spa, with gastronomic areas and gym.